Night Cops Never Let Me Sleep Peacefully When I Get Harassed

Last night I got harassed by another night cop again at about 12 midnight. I was in a deep sleep and he woke me up in a disoriented state then started to ask me if I was ok. He asked a lot of stupid questions as fast as he could -possibly taking advantage of my stupor. But this seems to be typical of the interactions I get with the night cops. They all are usually pretty bad with excessive aggression and questioning of my motivations. Day cops and night cops are alot like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (mostly).

I wasn’t able to get back to sleep for over 3 hours after getting harassed. I believe that it’s normal to not be able to sleep after a night cop harasses me. I suffer into the next day as well from the lack of sleep too. My brain doesn’t work optimally until I can get back into my normal sleep cycle again. I think it will take a few days to get a regular sleep again.

What makes it hard to sleep normally after being awakened by a night cop is that I live in fear they will wake me up again the next night. Also, my sleep cycle is disrupted, so I may wake up again at 12 midnight simply because I was conditioned to wake up at that time the previous night. It is a combination of both problems.

As cold as it’s getting at night, I would rather focus on sleeping through it rather than pacing around the city waiting for the fatigue to return.


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