Theory on Herbal Oils and Staying Below 212 Degrees Boiling; Coffee Brewing

After reading, “Onward” by Howard Schultz, I believe that all herbs and spices share a similar extraction method in common with each other. As our ancestors have done for many generations in their use of tea pots, they boil water at 212 and then pour the hot water over whatever tea they are brewing. By the way Howard describes making the perfect cup of coffee, they wait a couple minutes and let the water fall a few degrees below boiling before they mix the tea in.

This procedure is pretty standard for all teas. But not everybody may understand the reasons why tea must be made with less than boiling temperatures. It’s not like other teas will get bitter if soaked in boiling water, like you find with coffee. But, they are classified as oils, and all oils operate in very similar fashion.


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