5 Reasons that Door to Door Salesmen have turned to Prank Videos Now

With the stigma of door-to-door sales, the people who naturally love to try and fast-talk their way into a sale have turned their attention away from the art. It is a continuing added story of, Death of a Salesman”. I am noticing a lot of similarities between the style of door-to-door sales people and the personalities of the people who do prank videos. They all sell their souls for entertainment.

What has caused this transition from independent sales contractors to Youtube video stars? There a lot of reasons:

  1. Youtube has made it easier: As long as your content is clean, Youtube will host it. Most salespeople who are successful have to keep their tactics at least PG-13 rated. They work on trying to be the victims friend or entertaining enough to get other people to like them.
  2. A viral video is like hitting the jackpot: You can sort of hit a jackpot in sales where every house is a sale, but a viral video is digital and more of an infinite appeal to it. Also, salespeople tend to be big gamblers anyway and may enjoy the rush of excitement from a successful performance.
  3. Social media is more comfortable to use
  4. Audiences are growing and pranksters can reach more people: More people are opening up to videos, with faster internet reaching more remote places. The salesman would have to drive long distances to get a sale in the past. But they can rely on the internet to reach their victims a little more effectively.
  5. Anybody can do it: A lot of regulations make it hard to go door to door. You have to pay fees to the city to sell. More people own media devices than cars. For some people it’s easier to search information on the internet than go to a location to find the same information.

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