A Strong Hops Tea will Burn as Good as Beer; if not better

I believe, after consuming my strongest hops tea yet (with a French Press), that the slight burn in my throat is reminiscent of many beers I have tried in the past. Although, this hops tea burn is less harsh. You know what the difference is? Carbonation. The cheap beer manufacturers make up for the effects of hops by substituting carbonation in the hops place. What a wonderful savings for those companies, because most people will never realize what they are missing.

You have to consume a very strong, delicious hops tea to understand what I mean. Unfortunately hops is hard to come by and also very expensive. You are lucky to find it stocked in an herbal store. In fact, you should show a lot of respect to herbal stores that do sell hops. They are one of the few people left on earth who really understand and appreciate this wonderful flower.


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