53% of Millennials would rather lose their Sense of Smell than Technology

This dependence on computers has gotten ridiculous. With the virtual reality being worked even harder into our population, the sense of smell will be even less of a concern for people. How can you really experience life without fully engaging your sense of smell. This will drive a lot of off-balance personalities.

Computers have gotten more mobile, yet people seem to be getting less mobile in tandem. I would take more advantage of the mobility of lighter technology and use it to a greater advantage to experience more smells across our lands. The air in a single room tends to be stagnant and even smelling the same things all the time can become depressing.

Depression is a sensory emotion and your ability to smell can take up to 1/5 of depressing thoughts. Just because you can have enlightened visual images and hear different things isn’t enough to lift people out of depression. We need to experience different smells -and many times those smells won’t come to us:


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