4 C’s of Digital: Creating, Curating, Connecting, Culture

Goodbye to the 4 P’s of marketing: Product, Place, Price, Promotion

This is interesting. There used to be a time when we were questioning why we would need so much memory on our computers. Now, we see what all that memory is being used for. Times have changed and so have our habits. You can be sure that Marketers work hard to stay on top of the changing trends too. Although, many functions of a marketers job might be automated now.

  1. Creating: Involves making new content that people want to learn more about. It may not always be easy to be able to constantly create new content, but that just means you need to step outside your comfort zone to improve your creativity. Try sleeping in the bushes for a night to wake up to different scenery. Or eat a different piece of food you find in the trash. Perhaps walk around a new neighborhood and take in the unique smells that emanate from the area.
  2. Curating: Keep returning back to your content. A museum curator needs to know everything about what they have in their museum. You need to take ownership of your content and protect it -with lawsuits if need be. Some people may find your content so good that they could use it for themselves and claim it as their own. Be aware that could happen.
  3. Connecting: When discussions by trolls pick up over something you posted. Make sure to get in there and straighten things out as best you can. Silence will only make everyone question your competence on your own subjects. Try not to spend too much time with the trolls though, sometimes its best just to ban them if they get too rowdy and crazy.
  4. Culture: Refer to the culture of your friends and family and try to stay relevant with the latest pop culture. Know the latest lingo and cultural references. it’s not hard to Google the cultural subjects that may come up. For example, if you don’t know what YOLO means, then look it up. Although that reference isn’t really used much anymore, it’s nice to understand historically how our culture is changing its language as well. People may like to reflect upon old culture as well.

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