A Suspect is only a Witness who couldn’t separate themselves from the Incident

lets say that you witness a crime and confess to a cop that you saw it happen. What else is the cop to think besides you being a potential suspect too. You are somewhat guilty of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. This works similarly to how insurance companies rationalize who’s at fault in accidents. For example, if a parked car was hit by another, that parked car still is assigned some blame for being present for the accident to occur.

Everyone who is involved in an incident is assigned some of the blame. It might not seem fair, but at least it doesn’t work similar to North Korea -where they also punish the children of the criminal as a rule of their laws. Still, America works under a guise of deceipt and scrutiny. Cops can’t be everywhere all the time to stitch events together in their proper order. They use their best judgements, although some cops use their worst judgements, like this guy:

I spend 5 minutes analyzing the gray area as to why the cop seemed to treat me so unfairly. But I can’t possibly rationalize his behavior as being fair:


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