It’s better for vermin and mold to take an abandoned house than humans

by the time a city realizes a house has been abandoned, it’s very close to being too late. Action needs to be quickly taken or the house will be completely lost. The Shelton, WA for example. This area receives a lot of rain. As a result, they tend to declare a home as unsuitable for human occupation much sooner than a place in Arizona. The difference is in the moisture and termite problems.

Socially, the neighbors don’t like to see transients entering an abandoned because it scares them and makes the lonely house look even more unsightly. However, the activity of mold and other critters running around the home is usually ok. For example, it’s perfectly ok to see several cats running around the house. But homeless humans is another story.

There is a significant number of humans who dislike seeing each other. I read about how humans hate each other on Reddit, Craigslist, Facebook, 4chan, 9Gag, and on and on. On top of that, the stigma of a homeless male has very little gravity to other people to stand on. People want to see the homeless population eradicated. The losers have to go away.

But with all the increasing abandoned homes spreading throughout the country, people are still accepting of figuring out a better way to link homelessness and abandoned homes. People seem more keen on grouping homeless people together in one room. Is the creation of a homeless hub the right decision?

Do homeless people resist moving into homes? Maybe this issue a two way street. I owned my home for 8 years before I lost it. I will admit that I was very depressed during that ownership period. My life became very stagnant and I started seeing at home as my tomb. It felt very cryptic.


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