Do I Have to Rent or Own Property in a City to Know & Understand it?

i have learned about a lot of towns and cities in the northwest acidic area. Each has its own unique culture of people, art, sounds and design. I have learned how to get around different cities and where many shortcuts are. The city layouts are not hard to learn, especially with the help of Google Maps. Yet, because I don’t pay money to live in any particular city, I am discriminated against and called an outsider.

Cops routinely ask me if I live around here. When I say that I don’t they want to be quick about telling me about services available to transients -although some other cops have been more interested in helping me leave the city, such as in Rice Lake, Wisconsin.

What am I missing out on by not paying rent in a city? I still learn about the city in the same way -by walking around it. The cops work hard on putting a stigma on the non residents. Cops are enforcement of culture in their approach to people interactions. They can make a person feel uncomfortable about not being a resident. But, also sometimes, the cop can even make a resident feel uncomfortable in the process.

I don’t see how living in a house is essential to being a part of a community. Most of the home dwellers tend to get fat and depressed sitting in their homes being afraid of cops. I bet the home dwellers who are most depressed also fear the cops. As a result, the home dweller may learn even less about their own city than a homeless wanderer.

When I walk around a new city, I am motivated to walk anywhere and everywhere. Seeing new areas and expanding my discovery XP (like in World of Warcraft) I find that I get more exercise and reduce my depression. It feels very refreshing to sleep in different places and discover things that are new to me.

When you have good mood, you are in a better position to learn. When you walk around and get a lot of exercise, you also improve your blood flow which makes it easier to learn about a city. Unfortunately, like the Zombies and creepers in Minecraft, the local city police want to make it very difficult to learn their city: 


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