Wordy “No Trespassing Signs” will Stop Nerdy Intruders

I found myself spending more time on this one sign than any other no trespassing sign I have ever seen before. It was a lot to read, in fact I recorded it to read later, since I didn’t want to take all day to read it. Imagine if all no trespassing signs were a little more entertaining to watch. Many more people would be held up by the entertaining sign rather than more curious about what the property owner is trying to hide from us.

99% of “No Trespassing” signs have the same appearance. It’s like a national standard that they follow to constantly remind us where not to trespass. In fact, the designer might be raking in a lot of royalties from their one design in “No Trespassing” varieties. The property owners find that the one kind of sign works best, I suppose.

Maybe people feel that all signs should be standardized. It would be confusing if all stop signs looked different. People use the models of consistency with road traffic signs and use property signs that all look the same as well. Have any studies been done on the effectiveness of this standardization? Somebody should get on that.


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