Redneck Challenges: Light a Cigarette with a Ferro Rod (fire steel)

I see on YouTube there was a challenge going around that was similar to the ice bucket challenge. People were lighting their smokes with a fire starter and after being successful, then challenging their friends. They had set up some rules to also make the response to the challenge look genuine. For example, no video editing cuts were allowed between lighting and smoking it.

The reason I came across this challenge was because I am looking for a good fire steel and I thought that if one could light a cigarette with it, then it must be really good for other fires. Just as important as it is to fight fires, it’s also very useful to start fires, especially when you are homeless, like me.

This cigarette lighting challenge has no #hashtag as far as I saw. That could be part of their problem with failing to get it to take off in popularity. But more than that, people will call it an unhealthy obsession. Although, I disagree because the more people make it harder to light a cigarette, the less often they will smoke. Imagine if Bic lighters and matches were banned. Starting fires would be more of a challenge and people may smoke less as a result.

Matches don’t have a very long history. It was not always easy to start a fire quickly to light up a cigarette or pipe. People, as a result, tended to smoke less often because of the more difficult methods to start a small fire. Even the high sparking Ferro rod was not around 100 years ago. One of the resources used to make a good fire steel is rare earth material (the kind used for neodymium magnets. Yes magnets will spark). Rare earth is not that rare, just difficult to process.

Can a cigarette be lit by just a flint and steel? Unlikely. They may produce sparks, but those sparks are few and far between. The ferro rod looks like a sparkler from the Fourth of July when struck. This may be a bit excessive for lighting fires. The most important part of lighting fires is having good conductive material that will easily burn, such as using char cloth (which can be homemade). 

So, in conclusion, the Ferro rod challenge is just something relatively easy to do, like the ice bucket challenge. It can get your friends talking and watching your videos at least.


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