Home Dwellers Tend to Risk Going into Debt than Homeless People

Because the home dwellers are so comfortable on the notion that their houses can still be converted into liquid cash, they spend money more freely. They don’t have to worry as much as those without homes in spending. Sometimes the government will pick up the tab for a home dweller if they get in over their head. The homeless don’t quite have such a luxury.

When you own a piece of property, it can take a long time to lose it to foreclosure. There is an achievement that the home dweller reaches that helps them feel a little more comfortable about their positions. But the price of comfort is sloth. Somehow the drive to succeed is less of a concern and the motivation to make the home more comfortable turns on. Maybe they might want new furniture or to remodel the bathroom.

People who don’t live in homes may appear to be homeless savages. But those same people are some of the most conservative cultures you will ever meet. They learn the value of the dollar and what priorities are more important than others. They aren’t worried about what to put on their wall as an art piece. The landscape is our art and is beautiful enough without needing to niggle about what color to paint the kitchen.

Home dwellers are addicted to the sales pitches and heavily influenced about keeping up with the Jones’s. But sometimes, the Jones’s don’t even live next to the home dwellers. Instead, it’s in their heads thanks to social media, marketing and advertising. Home dwellers learn about things they don’t have through Etsy, Pinterest, Facebook and so on. They are conditioned to search for more comfort in their homes and blindly charge their way into debts.

You don’t have to worry about the debt of the homeless. We know what’s more important in life.


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