Is the Bro Code Stronger in Black People than White People? #brocode

I believe that due to the wider variety amongst white people, with the different colored hairs, freckles, shades and statures, we may be less likely to look at each other as brothers and sisters. Therefore, that can further explain why white people tend to be more individualistic with each other. There is a very strong individualistic presence in Europe and it’s not completely due to the culture -it’s a part of the culture.

Why else do we constantly call black people as “brothers”? They carry very similar features and appearances. In fact, it was due to a black prisoner that the law enforcement had to switch over to the fingerprinting system. These two men look exactly the same, but are separate individuals.

It’s much more common for dark Africans to look similar. As a result, they can develop tendencies to identify with each other more closely and call each other brothers, sisters, and cousins more freely. If a black person gets killed by a policeman, then all black people will look at the person as a brother. They will harbor deeper emotions towards the event, than white people do. In fact, when Trayvon Martin was killed, President Obama, himself, said that Trayvon looked like he could be his own son.

When something relates to our interests, our ears perk up and we tend to get more emotionally involved. Things that we can relate to have deeper emotion that causes a more spontaneous reaction. This is why it’s harder to fight foreign wars in other countries. We are not just fighting the other countries militant soldiers, but also their brothers and sisters who look similar to them.

A coyote is more likely to kill a domesticated dog than pack up with it. Rarely will you find these 2 kinds of dogs mate with each other to produce a coy-dog. They generally don’t relate to one another and don’t deal well with each other, but every so often when the right circumstances permit, they may bond for a little while.

Humans also may struggle with bonding, and it also may take the right kinds of situations to arise for those bonds to forms. The circumstances usually are very volatile, but it is something worth studying.


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