It’s Amazing What You Find on a Road When You Walk instead of Drive it

I even notice a difference between walking and bicycling in how much I notice a difference in the details of a road. The faster you move, the more things around you become blurry and detached from your attention. Slowing things down to a pace of a walk is the maximum effect in helping you appreciate your surroundings -or at least for me.

Although, there are factors that determine whether you can really appreciate your surroundings, such as if you are tired and dehydrated -then you probably don’t care what’s happening around you. I know that I don’t. When I get thirsty, all I can think about is getting some water from somewhere. I don’t care how beautiful anything looks around me. My concentration is thrown on my thirst problem.

So, it’s always important to be prepared with water. Planning is very useful for long journeys and adventures. But, many times unforeseen situations come up that we may not plan for. People with experience in travelling may be able to plan a little better than other people, in planning for a trip, but still nobody is perfect at it. Conditions just change at a moments notice sometimes, and we may have to react outside of what we planned for:


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