#HOMELESSLIVESMATTER Means Nothing to the National League of Cities

We are looking at a McDonaldization of cities across America, when getting on the same page means creating stricter anti-youth, anti-gang, and anti-homeless ordinances, laws and rules. We may focus on Obama to solve our problems, but most of us live in cities that have far more harsh laws than the guiding light of the Federal Laws. Many cities have pushed the constitutional limits of their power and they can get away with it if they have the money to go to courts and defend themselves.

Where does this leave the homeless? Every so often the ACLU finds a little time and money to fight one city as best they can with recent Law School graduates. But, as large as the ACLU may seem to be, they are not only fighting one cities ordinances that invade upon the freedoms of citizens, the ACLU is also fighting the National League of Cities as well.

The Federal president may have the power to go to war and push the nuke button, but the President of the NLC has a vice grip over every city in the US. They can coordinate similar laws and ordinances together and create databases against citizens. I was told once by a Rice Lake, Wisconsin cop that they know “everything about you [me]” There information can seemlessly spread about me from city to city and they can act accordingly -whatever that may be.

The NLC can band together to disband gangs. It’s a one-sided fight to put poorer, homeless people at a disadvantage. They claim to want to help us homeless people, but then they ticket, arrest and fine homeless people, as well as confiscate their (our) belongings as evidence. This is not helping. This is a lie. I was told by a cop that he was there to help me, after he frisked me. But the tools on his tool belt don’t look like he was equipped to help me. He is trained to disengage me:

The NLC can coordinate funding, resources, and anything else that is needed to support their cities. They maintain a strong grip over the citizens to influence our momentum.

The NLC goes back as far as the 1920s and has been growing larger since, with more studies and experiments on the effects of their ordinances. I wouldn’t be surprised if some ordinances were worded exactly the same between each city. They are like a singularity and we can expect more regulations to become common between all cities, which usually put more poor, homeless people at a distinct disadvantage.


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