Is the American Flag flown at half mast for other tragedies?

it seems that every time I turn around, the flag is being pulled down half way for something special. I’m am usually rarely aware of the reason that the flag is flown at half mast either. Most of the time it’s pulled halfway down and nobody talks about it. It has turned into some kind of random decision without discussion.

Businesses and government buildings must get some kind of notification to lower their flags collectively. It might be a little embarrassing if one is at half mast, while the other full mast. Maybe there is a Twitter notification for flag discipline. I would love to know what it is and how many people are subscribed fans to it.

Since not everybody is subscribed to Twitter, there are probably other means of communication to know when to fly flags at half mast. I have never heard a news reporter say that we need to fly half mast. That would be interesting to watch. Perhaps they could report the flag flying status in between weather report and sports. Otherwise, how people get the message to lower their flags has been confusing to me.

Perhaps there is a rule book for flag flying. I know one rule that it must have light shining on it if it is to fly at night. Another rule is that it must never touch the ground. Perhaps, if someone important died, like President Jimmy Carter, the rule states the flag must be pulled halfway down. I don’t know.

Flag rules never seem to be strictly enforced, so people are left up to interpret when their flag should be pulled down halfway. Perhaps if a business owners best friend, who fought in a war, died suddenly, that flag owner might want to pull down their flag halfway. But this could proc his neighbor to pull his flag down halfway out of embarrassment in not knowing the reason for doing it.

It confusing to me.


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