Fat People don’t enjoy Food, they enjoy a drug addiction

nobody can physically get fat on whole foods. It’s impossible. The old pictures we have seen of the fat sideshows circus freaks are of people who were intentionally consuming sugar extracts to bolster their weight. Sugar was somewhat prevalent 100 years ago, but not to the extent that we see today.

There is a much greater number of factories that extrude sugar extracts both mechanically and chemically to give us the purest kind of sugar possible. Corn syrup manufacturers have a little regulation in that they have to water down their extracts a little bit. We can see the different sweetness values for high fructose corn syrup on the shelves. It’s like looking at different qualities of cocaine.

The sugar extract drug addiction problems are very bad, but they can be a lot worse. Manufacturers know they have limits to how much sugar to put into their products without immediately killing the addict. The manufacturers also try to overcompensate the sugar extracts with vitamin extracts too. 


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