Do Women Believe that Large Breasts Make Up for a Wide Waist?

I’m just curious, because it seems a lot of them are in a very different mindset than me. I also see a lot of obese ladies (assuming they are female) who clearly dye their hair a different color. I think they misinterpret what to diet means. This has me also concerned about how they interpret the chest to waist ratios.

We live in a time where a significantly larger percentage of the American population has a much reduced strength to weight ratio than our forebears. Because of this enlarging gap in cultural values, our perspectives on health seemed to have changed as well. People, today, live a much more relaxed lifestyle and rely on more motors to move them around than ever.

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Energy has to be generated from somewhere to move our lazy bodies. If we rely on enough alternative sources to move us around, we will have effectively depleted those resources. Furthermore, the shock could be sudden and very disastrous when the moment comes that we have to mostly move ourselves under our own powers. We will have to redefine what it means to be healthy again.

Our definition of health is clearly very loosely based on the mechanical units that can move us now. Why should we have to perform pull ups when a hydraulic lift can raise us up and down instead? These lifestyle choices seem to pervade with the larger portion of our culture. As much as fit people want to help to overweight get into better shape, the push back against healthy people is equally strong, if not stronger.

There is more money to be made in being unhealthy and sloppy. Most people seem to hate fit people, because those kind of people end up being their bosses because they are bossy. Fit people do more work and have more energy to be bosses than overweight people. I have seen overweight, unhealthy people celebrate climbing a flight of stairs. They will relish in achieving the small victories while carrying their weight.

I have heard a fat guy say that he is nimble for being a fat guy. Another fat guy snuck up behind me once and scared me and took some relish in being the sneaky fat guy. They celebrate the accomplishments that most healthy people take for granted. It’s pathetic, but it shows how easy it is for us to enjoy being overweight sugar addicts.

Anyway, getting back to terrible waist to chest ratios. I think women are not that concerned about those ratios when their waistline pushes out of control due to their sugar addiction. Many will give up trying to improve their health when it reaches a certain point. They enter into fat territory and sink further, possibly accepting their condition until the point when they might reach a turning point. That turning point in their fat lives could either be their early death or a major health scare, such as diabetes or a stroke.

I have to take a minute to ponder also, that the overweight womans point of view is limited. They may look at their bodies less often in the mirror when they are overweight. They don’t want to look, because that will remind them that their stomach is far too large in proportion to their body size. They live in denial of their fat gains as much as they live in denial to their sugar addictions.

All drug addicts sink lower and lower. They have to consume more and more of their drug to get the same high. Crackheads need to smoke more crack. Heroin addicts inject more heroin and risk overdoses. Alcoholics drink more for the same effects. Its a drug addict that can get away from them. Sugar extracts are no different. People really commit to the substance and the effects of their addictions show really well on their bodies.


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