What are Your Special Weird Warning Signs of Impending Disaster?

It’s amazing how we can go through our daily lives and have it appear very boring most of the time. But as we believe that life is generally the same every day, there are some people who go through serious bouts of stress and dilemnas. Many of those people rush and congregate at the hospitals in search of hope for their physical ailments. It is here where the doctors and nurses live off of adrenaline for much of their work to help people in their moments of need.

From the book, “Intensive Care: The Story of a Nurse” by Echo Heron 1987, here is an interesting paragraph that can make you think about oncoming health problems:

We all had our “special” weird warning signs of impending disaster. Annie, for instance, once told me hers was when the patient felt weak and then had a sudden, strong urge to move his bowels. Jan’s telltale sign was a patient’s complaining of feeling cold and sleepy with an accompanying “funny ache” right in the middle of the back. For me, it was a certain look of a patient’s nose -when it started looking like gray putty. 

I have had feelings of impending doom. It starts out as a lack of oxygen. I get trouble breathing and then I get dizzy.


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