Every City is Like a Different Theater Stage

the layout is different, the people and culture is different. It’s all different, but also the same, but different. Every library I visited has been adjacent to something else that no other library is adjacent to. One of the most unique library locations, in my opinion, is the one inside a mall in Kelso, Washington:

You can shop and surf the Internet. Be careful of the mall security though, they can get strict about where in the mall you can go at times. I was stopped by them.

Some libraries are peaceful in quiet areas, such as in Amanda Parks:

while others get extremely loud, like Winlock, Washington:

They all are a different stage and each city changes my behavior a little bit. Either I can enjoy nice relaxation, or be stressed out. The people are the main reason I would be stressed out, but it’s hard to put all the blame on them, as the design of their cities also influence their behaviors. 

I wish I had studied design and feng shui a little more closely. Then I might have better analytical skills for reading a city. I am mostly left up with my gut feelings about them. Usually my gut feeling alerts me about the safety of the city. I don’t stay for very long in a city or town of it doesn’t appear reasonably safe. I just have to watch the people to determine the safety level. For example, in Kenton, I never stayed the night. Something doesn’t seem right about it:

It’s usually larger cities that have me just passing through and not staying very long. Although, Salem, Oregon seemed pretty relaxed for its size, in the areas I hung out at.

This current city I’m in, Elma, I’m not sure what to think of it exactly. I don’t like its design. The elements of the town really bother me.


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