Chronic Home Dwelling is a Serious Disease with Many Symptoms

The best remedy is to stop tying yourself to a home when it absolutely isn’t necessary. Your health conditions will drastically improve in time with your lifestyle change. The home is a stagnant place and a Cancer that prevents a lot of people from living a fulfilling life.

Many of the symptoms show up in different ways. They can range from mold issues in the home that affect your breathing, noisy neighbors who stress you out, or depression from the stagnation and boredom that home dwelling creates.

We cannot produce roots, so there is no excuse to stay in one particular location for any significant length of time. Our health improves through exercise. A plants health improves through sitting still and collecting sun rays. Humans don’t have the ability to sit in one spot and collect sun for energy and pull water from the ground for circulation.

In this mobile tech age, we can move around a lot more fluidly. Google Maps has vastly improved its interface. I first discovered in Salem that the app can see where I’m at. I used the GPS to learn the city. Now I know how to get around Salem quite well. It was one of the most challenging cities for me to learn, largely because of its size and tall buildings.

What drives us to create those tall buildings? Do people really have the desire to coop themselves up into home dwelling habits? Perhaps the older and more crippled populations want places to spend more time to sit around. But gravitating into that lifestyle is a death sentence for people because it encourages reduced physical activity.

If you are suffering the complications, out of the many symptoms of home dwelling, then stopping this addiction to home dwelling can help a lot. You notice your physical activities will pick up out of necessity.


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