Has Bushcraft Seen a Popularity Surge due to Warcraft and Minecraft?

I am especially referring to Minecraft because before I started playing it in 2009, I never heard of Bushcrafting. I played World of Warcraft a lot before Minecraft came out and was never aware of the increasing reference to bushcraft. I did know that the word existed (maybe?) but I associated it more with survival techniques in Africa or something.

Now, Bushcraft has been approved for trademark since 2012 wikipedia.org/wiki/Bushcraft

The people who trademarked this word are probably up to no good. There is a lot of usage of the word in Youtube videos and blogs, but I still can’t identify or associate any “service company” directly associated with it. There is a good chance that the trademark has been driven primarily by lawyers who are creating a plan to control references to the word. But this talk is only speculation about the underbelly of pop culture.

Learning to survive in the woods without modern day resources is a challenge that is very different from most home dwelling lifestyles. People have probably grown fearful of bushcrafting and may feel that it is a step back in our evolving further from apes. Many leaders would rather have us trying to figure out how to survive on mars instead of our own backwoods. People are pushed into the fantasy of thinking forwards and abandoning the backwards thinking that we advanced from.

But there are a lot of great lessons that still remain helpful for us today.

Many ideas in the past cannot ever be forgotten as the laws of nature do not change as our culture changes its mind over time. Just because we know how to explode a nuclear bomb doesn’t mean we aren’t prone to dehydration in a desert still. Bigger bombs aren’t exactly a great advancement on human society.

So, bushcraft is a sort of reflecting in the past to help us appreciate how far we have come. But to trademark the word (I would love to see who this person or persons is that did this) makes the operation of bushcrafting look a little too corporate.


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