All Transexuals take Drugs to achieve their Goals

to accept and encourage this cycle of addiction is sickening our country even more. Drugs are never a good solution to make yourself feel different or more like the person you think you want to be. Yet, drugs have become the mainstream and often overlooked problem as to why weird decisions are being made today that would have been inconceivable 100 years ago.

What happens when everybody sobers back up? It may take a few generations for America to actually sober up, but what happens when it does? Sober people will look back at the drug addicted modern day culture and wonder why nobody put a stop to this drug acceptance that pervades our country sooner.

The underlying theme to “fat acceptance”, “transgender acceptance”, “performance enhancement”, and many other behavioral changes is simply “drug acceptance”. People rely on drugs to stimulate their minds & change their bodies -then they want the last of us sober people to accept them.

A clear symptom of drug addiction is change your reality so that it can revolve around a drug addiction. Only keep people in your circle who accept your drug addiction. Other addicts will support one another better. Sober people don’t need that kind of support. Drug addicted people suffer many more emotional imbalances than do sober people.

The problem with a lot of drug addicts is that they don’t realize they are addicted to a substance either. Recognizing that you have a drug addiction is one of the first steps to recovery. But people may not recognize their problem because doctors are giving them the drugs -which makes taking the drugs seem ok. If a doctor prescribes you a drug, then it can’t be drug addiction, right?

Doctors are addicted to their own drugs too. The ones who don’t try their own addicting prescriptions have no clue what it even feels like to take the drug then -and shouldn’t be qualified to give the drugs out to anyone. Even the medicine men tried their own herbal remedies so they knew firsthand what they were giving their patients.

You won’t find a transgender person who is not taking a drug. Part of the reason these people feel the way they do is because they are influenced by their drugs -legal or illegal.


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