People who have sold a soft drink are drug pushers

that includes restaurant workers, fast food, grocery, retail, soda stands, vending machine workers, and distributors. Everyone who works in this industry is contributing to the drug epidemic. I choose not to contribute to the economy of drug pushing because I don’t agree with their ethics. This severely limits my choices in employment.

Sugar extracts are a Cancer growth on society. The people who consume these food items develop masses in their bodies that tend to look very grotesque. A lot of people call this a health look, but those same perceptions turn around and call slender people as unhealthy and unattainable for average people to reach.

The sugar consumption period really took off in the 1950s with corn subsidies and has not slowed down, despite professional people recognizing that sugar is the problem. The reason that sugar extracts are still legally being pushed is because people are addicted to them. Addicts are the hardest to ween off their dependence of a substance. They make up all kinds of excuses to stay hooked on their addictions.

Coca cola is sitting in a very good position with all their sugar addicts defending them. It’s very similar to the big cigarette companies whose addicts also spoke in their favor. It took a long time for the social change to occur. People have to collectively reach a turning point in their lives where they say enough is enough. 


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