One of the best ways to stretch your food budget is with wild foods

its nice to be able to walk around and find things that are useful right now. We are in harvest season and there is a lot of useful stuff spread out throughout the whole Pacific Northwest. Of course, it always comes with challenges, such as:

  1. Weather
  2. Time of day
  3. Terrain
  4. Competition
  5. Food budget

I remember stretching my food budget last year with blackberries while I was mostly in Seaside, Oregon. But I also picked a lot of berries around Warrenton as well. I never noticed any major problems with my health from eating the blackberries. There may have been one time when my cavity hurt a little more than normal though. The berries are not too sweet, but enough of them may not be great for teeth.

I really don’t know any other good tasting wild foods around here that I can acquire legally, at least. If this was 100 years ago, I would own a gun and probably rely on my hunting and fishing skills a lot more. But the society is much too numerous to hunt around. Plus, hunting and fishing has been regulating into strictly a sports status. I’m not sure when it gravitated from a survival status.

Since the weather can get too hot and sunny around midday, I’m left with focusing on gathering the berries in the mornings or late afternoons. I can’t stand the sun. It saps my strength and motivation.


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