If Gold or Silver can Replace Platinum, Catalytic Convertors might be larger

why aren’t hydrogen cars a reality yet? because there isn’t enough platinum to serve the mass market. If hydrogen cars were allowed, they would only be afforded by the rich people, while the poor people would be left with gasoline engines. There would be a clear class difference in resource usage.

The rich want to make their ownage of resources to look as subtle as possible to not spark blind outrage by poor classes. We still have a large perception that the rich are still very much like us attitude. Just because their TVs and homes are a little bit larger, doesn’t alert us to any major problems.

But the rich own entirely different things that poor people do. While poor people have to settle on alcohol disinfectants, the rich can use the powers of gold, silver, and palltinum at their disposal. The rich can create better germ fighting plans for themselves, while poor people are left with fighting germs on a much cheaper chemical strategy.


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