Can Spider Webs Really Clean & Heal Wounds Faster?

While visiting a local graveyard, I came across an unusual amount of spiderwebs in one particular section of the site. Since I have a strange cut on the bottom of my heal, I decided to stick the webs into the would and see what would happen. Things didn’t go quite as planned.

1. the webs got dark quickly, from their clear white appearance when they were made. I suspect that my hands were too dirty and the web picked dirt off my hands. I don’t believe that the web would grow darker by itself, but the possibility might exist.

2. I expected the web to stay in the wound because the web was so sticky. But as soon as the web touched my sandal, it was pulled free. I might need to cover the spider web with a tape so it stays put.

3. The wound got incredibly itchy. I needed to stop the treatment immediately and pull the web out. Either, the web was too dirty and germs were making my would strangely itchy, or the web was working and itching is a good sign? I’m not sure. Either way I needed to stop the itchy feeling, and the best way to do so without a lot of scratching was using magnet therapy.

Overall, I find the web spider webs to be stickier than dry ones. I wonder if dry webs can get sticky if wetted down. If they can be dried and wetted when needed effectively, they could be stored for long term purposes.

No spiders were harmed in the taking of the webs, but I might have pissed off a lot of them for taking their webs.


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