Young People have more Sneaky Habits than Older People

To be able to break the habits of people acting sneaky takes a lot of discipline. Some kids grow up without that needed discipline and go through a long period of their lives as liars, cheats and crooks. To be sneaky is a natural tendency that almost seems instinctual to our reptilian brains. We hide from danger and run from predators.

As we grow older and learn more about the habits and patterns of our predators, we learn that being sneaky all the time may not be so essential. Plus, to be sneaky takes a lot of energy as well. We find that the energy reserves become reduced and we have to rest more, which puts us in more positions to confront directly what we used to sneak around.

Income classes also play a large role in how our reptilian brains act sneaky. Certain sneaking habits for survival are very necessary for poor kids. They learn about the pains of their hunger and how important it is to quench immediately. They have to watch more often for opportunities to be sneaky and take advantage of slower and weaker people.

The rich kids don’t have to steal to survive. They learn to sneak around in different ways that involve more extravagance. They can buy themselves a car without their parents knowing, or go on a long trip without permission. How a sneaky rich person matures can usually lead to more political leanings as they are more likely to have influence.

Poor people, instead, learn that their influence is small so they are forced to defend their own personal habits rather than defend the rights of the rich people stand for. Many times, it’s the rich who try to make laws against the sneaky poor people, but the rich may not fully understand the sneaky habits of the poor, since the rich people grew up with entirely different sneaky habits.


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