Sometimes State Parks cost money, sometimes they don’t 

sometimes county parks cost money and sometimes they don’t. I still don’t understand what they factor into their assessment of whether a park should cost money or not. Are we being punished for people trashing the parks in the past? Is there something valuable that they feel should cost money to look at? Did they do some kind of upgrade that they poorly budgeted for and need to make up the difference in fees? 

There are some parks that have a local volunteer organization which can usually keep the costs down. I just don’t understand why nature had to cost fees and fines for people to pay. The government owns it and that means that I own it too. Why should I have to pay to walk on my shared property? 

The salmon fisheries don’t charge any money to people who want to visit. It’s all funded by the taxpayers. There is a lot more labor happening on those fish farms than in the parks. Do they rationalize that because fishermen have to go to parks to fish, that it’s more reasonable to charge money for the activities in the park? The fish are all too small in the hatcheries.

What activities make paying the park a fee worth doing? They want me to pay them money to walk around their park? This is absurd. It’s a scam. The Indians never charged Americans money to walk through the forests. All of a sudden, white people move in and charge money to walk on land. This really favors a divide between financial classes.


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