Abandoned Homes Reside in Places that Good Jobs are Scarce

how do you bridge that divide? People are still told to get good jobs, but those good jobs tend to not have quite so many abandoned homes near them. The further you move away from the good jobs, the more likely you find abandoned homes and possibly more affordable housing. So the good jobs theory is busted. The trade-off is too distinct to ignore.

I’m amazed how long abandoned homes sit unattended in places as well. If the home is abandoned for over a year, it may as well be bulldozed down, especially if it receives no air circulation. Critters and mold, plants and the weather will quickly take over the abandoned homes. Many return to nature and become very hard to even see from the roadside.

There are a lot of rich jerks who will sit on their abandoned homes and ask for an unreasonable price. Keeping the prices high (out of the market) helps create a shadow inventory that the banks love. Banks thrive on scarcity of resources because it means bigger loans for other homes that people will fight each other over in bidding wars.

Our strong reliance on cars throughout the 1900s made it more possible to live further away from a job. But the honeymoon with long commutes is over. Many people are giving up on spending so much of their time on the roads to save money with cheaper housing. If they can’t live within reasonable distance to their job because of high housing costs, then maybe it’s time to lower our standards of living.

Lower standards of living doesn’t have to mean driving further to get to a job either.


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