Windows 10 turns on computers without Prompting

I woke up this morning to hear my laptop fan running. This was never a problem with Windows 8. I wish 10 would have cost money, so I would not have gotten it. One of the worst things a computer can do is turn on when it is folded closed -especially when it’s inside my bag.

I lost 50% of my battery power before I realized the whirring noise was coming from the computer. It is supposed to obey clear instructions not to leave the hibernation mode until the cover is opened. 

There was no internet connection to prompt it, as far as I understand because the library shuts off their wifi between 12 – 6. I discovered my computer running at 4am. Something in the OS is telling to turn on by itself. I didn’t see any special messages when I opened the lid. But the screen certainly lit up instantly when I opened the lid.

I quickly had to go through the steps of shutting off the computer. However, this time is not so easy with Windows 10 because it refused to shut down immediately when I clicked on the buttons. In fact, it didn’t do anything -like it was ignoring me. It did remind me that I could lose unsaved dats. So what? If I lose all my power, that dats is not accessible anyways.

I had to retype in my password to shut off my laptop. This is absurd. Why do I get the option to shut down the computer, but it doesn’t do anything -not even a message saying that it can’t go further without me inputting my password. It leaves you wondering what is going on with it for a while as it wastes more battery life.

Furthermore, why is it so important that I have to type in a password to shut down the computer? Are there really criminals out there who malaciously shut down computers to cause people to lose unsaved data? It seems like a low probability to me.


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