Some Farming Combinations work better than others

For example, I saw this horse pasture today:

You can really keep your yard free of stray apples by just keeping a horse penned up in the area around it. But if a horse isn’t that useful to you, maybe try another large animal, like a milking cow instead. I notice a lot of yards let the apples fall to the ground, rot and look disgusting. What a waste. It would be much better to make more efficient use of the space.

Although, you have to wonder what to feed the large animal for the rest of the year. Apples don’t fall to the ground year, which is unfortunate. Also, when the apples do fall, it tends to be in such a large amount that maybe it becomes too much to eat in short time. It might be better to try a yard that offers a larger variety of harvest available.

One problem that could develop is if a horse likes eating from a particular bush, it could stay on that bush until the bush dies. In human psychology this might be called an addiction to something. Some animals just like staying on things that they think work without forming any alternative plans.


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