There is more than one way to kill a germ: electrically or chemically

personally, I would rather work on killing my immediately dangerous germs the old fashioned way -electrically. For that, I keep a copper wire in my water bottle. Also, my water bottle is stainless steel. Using metals is the first step towards reducing germ populations. But, you can go further than that and focus on metals that conduct electricity the best: gold, silver, copper…

The experts will try to have us believe that chemicals is the best way to go. But they have two main reasons for leading us down that path of belief:

  1. The precious metals are expensive, but usually last a lifetime.
  2. Chemicals require repeat purchases that make manufacturers money and create dependence on their products.

The best formula for making money has always been to get repeat customers. Drug addicts are the perfect kind of customer. People who believe in a certain way that conforms to a companies business model also work great too. It’s like creating a religious cult, but only manipulating the economic beliefs.

I have had a good interaction with chemicals. But, on the metallic side, I have to admit I had bad reactions as well.  It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but I overdosed on aluminum and got serious heartburn for 3 years. Choke cherries leached the aluminum pan I drank the liquid from and caused me many problems.

Besides the aluminum incident, I have had many more bad interactions with chemicals. If I am going to feel ill more often with chemicals, then I will be more vulnerable to germ infections -which is a compounding factor. Different diseases from multiple sources can be very dibilating. It’s best to reduce the sources of disease.

How is it measurable that germ fighting is better done electrically than chemically. I have read a few scientific tests that were conducted. The professionals have found that silver consistently kills all kinds of germs over time. They can measure the effectiveness in labs and present the evidence for us to interpret. I am convinced by those studies.

As precious metals get horded and more expensive, using them for medical treatment becomes more difficult. Gold is worth too much to be wasted. It’s a metal that is no longer easy to find in rivers and streams anymore. It’s in rich people’s hands now -and they won’t give it up for nothing.

To keep poor people from getting gold to help fight disease and sickness, the rich turn to chemicals as the solution. This is the most profitable choice for any rich person to focus on. They keep their gold and shower the poor people in questionable chemical solutions. The poor people don’t even have a choice. We get priced out of the market and have no ground to stand and fight on.

The scientific tests are real for metals killing germs, but do the test yourself too. Switch from plastic bottles to metallic ones instead. Or switch from plastic door handles to silver ones. Put a copper wire in your water, or drink from copper cups. I think you will find your chances for infections to reduce with the change in lifestyle.

This may not be definitive proof that copper kills bacteria, but this snail is clearly affected by the pure metal as it tried to climb on itself at one point: 


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