You Never See Any Children at the Aberdeen Library for some reason

I don’t normally pay attention to the littles ones running up and down the book aisles, making all kinds of noise and having the be frequently hushed by their parents. But that noise has largely been eliminated at the Aberdeen library. Instead, the noises that interrupt my internet browsing seem to come from bums.

Just yesterday I heard a fight between two people. I didn’t see anything, but one guy was telling another guy to leave the library. It was more of a verbal argument between two old guys that sparked up inside the library. You think they would know better, but many do not.

There is a security guard that comes at 12 noon and stays until closing every day. He is like a prison guard here, but without the rifle. He may have told a guy to leave the library, I’m not sure why anyone else would insist that someone leave so abruptly.

There are frequently weird adult interactions that occur at the library. It’s been going on since I slept here for a few weeks last year. It seems likely that the weird lifestyle has been going on long before I stopped to visit. I think people’s behavior around here is largely influenced by drugs. The junkies come and go on a frequent basis here. This might be a vacation spot for drug addicts.

I have seen many  children’s programs at other libraries. The parents usually seem to enjoy bringing their kids to the library to shush them. It may be easier to control the child’s noise in the library than at home. Why can’t they try this at church more? But the children’s programs seem nonexistent in the Aberdeen library.

I rarely even see a teen in the teen area. It’s mostly older bums using a electrical outlet for their computers. It’s funny to me that there is even a sign for the teen area. Every library is required to have a teen area, but it’s not like a law people have to follow.


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