Sudden Urges to Poop Usually Follow Sudden Urges to Eat

when the need to eat or poop suddenly and painfully comes on, you may have a digestion disorder which can usually get resolved when you cut out the sugar extracts from your diet. Then all that stimulating sugar extract won’t be throwing your body out of such a whack.

You have a drug addiction problem. Even though the U.S. Government (which gets handsome stipends from sugar manufacturers) doesn’t recognize sugar extract doesn’t mean they know everything about drugs. Ask yourself how long was marijuana called a drug? It’s not even an extract, it’s just another weed. The government regulates the things that doesn’t make it money.

Spontaneous pooping is a result of eating a large amount of food in a short period of time. With crams in will cram out. But it’s hard to eat only a little bit when there is so much sugar extract subtly injected into the manufactured food product. You can get better control of your eating if you buy whole foods and learn to prepare them yourself.

Don’t like cooking? Try doing it outside more often. The kitchen can be a depressing place. Just listen to me:


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