Aberdeen 2015 is Just as Weird as 2014 Aberdeen; Washington

Just hanging out in Aberdeen for a day, I notice a lot of weird activities. I believe that slot of the people’s actions are influenced by drug activity and alcohol around here still. The same abandoned buildings from last year are still mostly abandoned this year. Nothing seems to have changed economically for the city. It’s just stagnant.

The people are into their drugs still. Many still look homeless and loiter downtown and look like they have nothing to do. 

There are needle caps lying around the city. 

There are many NO TRESPASSING signs around.

 There are signs saying not to give hitch hikers a ride (even though it’s legal) 

There signs that say not to give panhandlers any money.

The bus station still has weird people hanging around

There are flamboyant people who draw attention to themselves.

While I played on my computer in the library, a pregnant girl was wheeled near me on a wheelchair. She claimed to be in labor and refused to have her baby at the Aberdeen hospital. She kept telling the daddy that the hospital here killed her. He said that the she is alive still. She said that she is barely alive.

She kept on wincing about her pains. She looked to be in her early 20s. I think she was under the influence of drugs, or at least was into drugs before the pregnancy. The boyfriend started rolling cigarettes on a nearby table and offered a fresh one to s black guy friend they borrowed a phone from. Another guy borrowed his touchpad computer to the pregnant girl and said that’s what family is for. She seemed to know everybody in the library as friends.

The library still has a security guy who patrols. He had to wake a guy up in front of me. It was silly to see. The security guard was very patient with the sleeping guy.


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