The West Coast is the Real Police State; Sense of Entitlement is Strong

when people think of the west coast, they think of the entire states of California, Oregon and Washington. But the entire state does not border along the ocean. Only a portion of the states actually touch the ocean. So the influence of the ocean only reaches in about 20 to 30 miles and then it doesn’t matter.

For example, when it got the 99 degrees in Winlock, WA I drove one hour straight west into Raymond and experienced about 15 degrees cooler weather. That is the benefit of the west coast. The rest of the state, including Winlock, is not a part of the coast. They are a significant distance from the ocean and do not receive the benefits of the Mediterranean type climate.

Because of the protective cover that the ocean provides, the culture of the people is different. They act more protective over their environments. It’s a collective effort that starts with the property owners:

Then the influence of the property owners extends into governmental regulations. You will find some of the toughest and most strict laws and ordinances affecting the areas more than anywhere else in the US:

Although there still are sporadic towns and cities that also have tough cops, like Silverton, Oregon:

 but never do they more consistently put pressure on people than what happens on the west coast. I had my worst encounter with a cop in Seaside, Oregon. They treat homeless people like dogs:


2 thoughts on “The West Coast is the Real Police State; Sense of Entitlement is Strong

  1. You are not invited to the Cranberry Museum, so stay the hell OUT of the parking lot you car-camping son-of-a-bitch!

    Thank you!

    Nobody wants you around, don’t you understand that? Why do you keep bothering and pestering good people of the United States?

    You might be invited to hell…why don’t you check that parking lot out?

    Thanks again!


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