3 Marijuana Stores Dot the Landscape between Raymond and South Bend, Washington

When I was here last year, there wasn’t a single marijuana store. I rode my bicycle on the trail between the cities at the time. I notice more things while bicycling. The process of incorporating weed stores was and is a long one. There still isn’t much weed  to sell, but will there ever be alot? The market always reaches a threshold.

To have 3 weed stores seems a little progressive and ambitious for such a low populated area. Sure, the climate and location is great to live in but all we need is another great flood to change peoples minds about this area again. Just because there hasn’t been a big flood since 2007, doesn’t mean it can’t happen again. All those stores are on the low ground level and are very vulnerable to the flooding.

Why build on the low ground level? Apparently, it’s safer than building up in the mountains and hills nearby. You pick your poison. Either risk getting caught in the floods or risk getting caught in a landslide. The floods might seem a little safer. At least you have more of a chance to escape the flooding with your life.

The weed stores are just glorified shacks or small warehouses. I guess their expense is low enough to handle a catastrophe themselves, but what about their customers? Are people really willing to drive such long distances for weed? Are people willing to settle down and live closer to the weed shops? There is a lot to consider. It’s not like the weed is a gold-making factory.

I don’t get too excited about weed as much as other people. I just like the freedom that it represents.


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