People Brag about how Many Countries They Have been in. How many cities have you been in those countries?

Many of the rich people brag about visiting the most popular cities in other countries. But those cities tend to be tourist traps anyway. The tourists tend not to get the full picture of what the country, as a whole, is like. Visiting only one city, like Madrid in Spain is only one kind of culture to engage with. That culture tends to be trained by previous tourists who came before you.

Many of the travelers will take the popular roads and visit the popular cities in the most popular and developed countries. These locations have gone through many generations of renovations to cater to the tourists too. To give you an idea of how long the countries have been building up their tourist centers, know that Mark Twain was one of the first people to go on a pleasure cruise, in about the 1880s. He wrote some great books about his accounts of those adventures too.

The popular tourist cities know just how to charge people from other countries pretty effectively. They have set up their environment for maximum entertainment and leisure to the people who visit with money. The tourist centers may run independently, but many of the services become standardized through college training in hotel management, tourist management, theme park management, beach management and so on. The professionals learn how to charge money to the visitors in a manner that appears fair on the surface.

Why bother visiting these popular tourist places? Why should I have to line up to get another picture of the Mona Lisa. The artwork isn’t that great, they just use clever advertising to make us believe in the importance of the work. No art is so great that it becomes a sacred object. No art has any magical powers. Art is just art. There is old art and there is to be new art coming in the future. It’s in constant transition and we can only spend so much time looking at it.

No city is sacred. No place is really sacred. Some people attach importance on an area better than other people. There are established connections between marketers who decide where the next popular vacation spot should be. One year, Austin, Texas becomes the most popular place for hipsters and the next year it might be the Twin Cities in Minnesota.

I don’t pay attention to the importance of needing to visit such popular places. I am more curious about the places in between these popular places instead.


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