Every Grocery Store Should Require a Microwave

Most of the time that causes people to buy junk food is because it’s ready to eat. The healthy foods mostly need to be cooked, like potatos. Why should I have to buy those nasty, sugar added, with oils potato chips when I can bake a potato instead?

The ready to eat foods have sugar extracts, salt extracts, drug extracts, and hydrogenated fat extracts added. The added extracts is limited to the ready to eat foods. While the whole foods are required to be taken to your home (if you have one) and prepared with cooking. The ready to eat Snickers bars can be unwrapped while you wait in line to pay.

There is a huge divide between the convenience of unhealthy foods and inconvenience of healthy foods. The structure is set up to force us to carry healthy foods to our own kitchens to prepare. This can be a very tedious journey for food that is illogical for a lot of lifestyles, especially when many people work an hour away from home (if they have a home).

The dieticians will argue that you should prepare 3 days in advance of your meals. Who the fuck does that? Nobody prepares their meals that far in advance. Many people can’t even remember what they ate yesterday, let alone be able to prepare their food a week ahead of time.

The best I can do is have the food available for when I want to eat. But I can’t be concerned with cooking 24 hours in advance. I don’t know the state of my hunger for tommorrow, it’s more volatile than the weather. My hunger is only predictable within 3 or 4 hours from now at best.

Because hunger is so unpredictable, this is where the prepared food markets have us by the balls. They take over the industries, make public cooking illegal in most parks and limit cooking every where else but the homes.

If you want to enjoy cooking, you only have 2 options today, in a restaurant or at home (if you have one). The food industry has full control over our appetites by regulating how we can prepare our foods. They make money at our loss in being able to cook. It’s a failed system:


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