Hugging Live Trees and Making Tools out of the Dead ones

I find trees to be very useful for fitness practice. Where would we be without trees? They have provided man with uncountable different kinds of resources to make use of. You just have to have the right kind of vision and tools to make the best use of the trees. Although hugging doesn’t take much for tools:

I find a need to develop a lot of strength to hold myself onto the trees. Different sizes yield a different challenge. I think the wider ones are more of a challenge to hold onto than the more narrow ones. But it’s important to hug a variety of sizes to achieve different strength builds for your body.

When the tree is dead and is laying on the ground, I will consider chopping it up and turning it into a caveman club. I need a hatchet for that job, which cost $20, plus a sharpening stone. The work usually doesn’t take very long and there are a lot of benefits in swinging a heavy club that you will never be able to do in a gym.

My grip strength probably improves the best with caveman clubs as they require a full rotation of the wrists with all the exercises that are performed:

The tree also can offer a nice anchor point for a suspension trainer as well. This is a big benefit to make use of as well. But, tree hugging can also satisfy a need to workout that is similar to gravity training.


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