One very Rewarding Experience is chopping My Own Indian Club

i chopped another handle for an Indian club or caveman club today. This time I went even larger. I could just barely lift the log when I was done. It made me think of one of those grossly large swords that cartoon characters use.  All I could do with it was lift it vertically and then let it drop and smash the vegetation in front of me. The log could flatten a rabbit into a pancake. Unfortunately, the log broke in half and I’m left with just a heavy Indian club.

The chopping was a very good exercise in itself. It’s nice to feel progress of the wood chipping away while I work towards my goal. I don’t need a lathe or spindle machine to make a handle, an axe works great. Everything is nice and smooth and I can touch my thumb to my fingers now. 

I had to drag the log out of the forest because it was so heavy. I might want to lighten it up a little bit, I’m not sure. I prefer to work with what I have and see what I can do for exercises. I think heavier is better. I think it might weight 50 pounds. I can’t do much with one handed exercises. I might want to chop the handle a little more to make room for a better two handed grip. 

Making my own Indian Club may have taken 30 minutes. I was able to find dry wood. But I don’t plan to take it with me. I also don’t plan to come back to Raymond either. This club will be just another temporary Indian Club workout just like the others I put together. 

I enjoy fatiguing my hands. The Indian Club is perfect for that. I notice a difference in my hand strength when I use the suspension trainer. My hands don’t get quite as tired. There is a weird fatigue point that I reach on the suspension trainer that the Indian clubs can compensate for. But the tools work with each other, because I think the suspension trainer does the best job for balancing out strength imbalances. I think my Indian club training and every day habits cause major strength imbalances.


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