Even when town buildings look decrepit, the bank always looks nice

i didn’t realize that there is a trend in how banks maintain such nice properties even as other businesses leave and buildings fall into disrepair around it. I first realized it when I was in Pe Ell, WA. But I saw signs of it a little before that, but just didn’t give it much thought.

In the end, after businesses lose money and the loans are due, the bank will always have the upper hand. They understand the advantages of collateral and risk assessment. Many other kinds of business owners may not be as thorough as a bank. But also, the banks can get bailouts from the government as well whereas any other kind of small town business is left to filing bankruptcy. 

Money exchange is a very important aspect of business and will always get a lot of protection. Otherwise we have to go back to bartering, which can be a pain. How many good turnips are needed to match the value of a goat? Although money is very arbitrary itself. Just watch the prices fluctuate on Overstock.com and you will see how important price is to them.


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