Compare 1800s Cars to 1900s Car and You see Similarities and Differences

Here is s tour of the Carriage Museum in Raymond, WA:

They mostly have 4 wheels and seating arrangements, plus about half of them have some kind of roof or overhead protection. Some even have windows and doors. Many have springs to smoothen out the bumpy rides. Some even have mud flaps and bumpers. Some even have head lamps to make it easier to see at night. So, you see a lot of similarities to compare a carriage to a modern car.

Here is a Car Show that was held outside of the carriage museum:

These vehicles needed more safety features and communication devices because of the added speed they provided. They started getting a dashboard that gives them information on the status of their engine and speeds. They got radios to help keep the driver awake. The engines are shown off with the hood open so we can see what makes them move, but mostly, those are kept hidden. The noise they all produce and pollution they create make it very hard to hear and breathe. But, this is considered better for the animals instead of enslaving them to pull our carriages around.


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