Slept in a Clinic Parking Lot, Woke up refreshed

maybe it’s the Raymond festival going on, but I feel a little more confident that the cops hands are too tied up to harrass me in my car in the dark. I have been harassed a couple times in Raymond already and it’s annoying. Don’t they have anything better to do? I guess not -unless there is a street dance going on. Then the cops want to show off their new bicycles the one time each year. How nicely polished they bicycles look as they barely get ridden.

I see more cops driving up and down the main road and everywhere else instead. Do they practice stalking behavior. They certainly put the mileage on their cars. They love giving tickets to the tourist visitors I think. There isn’t much of a revenue coming in from all the abandoned homes and businesses, at least. They probably have to rely on fines to pay the towns bills. This is not a sustainable government when they resort to fines as income.

The city seems to rely on a lot of tourism and possibly the carriage museum. I see the carriage museum got a very nice renovation. I wasn’t planning on checking it out in any great detail ( I only peaked through the windows), but I like what I see. I captured a previous video of the museum last year. I think it would be neat to compare the videos a little bit.

The lumber factory works on Sunday. So I guess they pull in a lot of money for the town as well. There is a forest garden that surrounds the western Washington area and it’s all privately owned by Weyerhauser. They are lumber barons. This area squeezes people out for more woodlands. The land around here will always have a value with all the trees available. You have to give the trees the best, most stable climate to grow big and tall. Humans don’t need such nice weather. Price them out of it instead and let them engage in price wars for crappy lands, like Oklahoma.

I feel a little selfish for driving over an hour west to get closer to the ocean. I think of that poor cat I met in Winlock and wonder if it survived in the 100 degree weather. All that noise creates so much stress, that in combination with the heat makes Winlock a miserable place to be in. 

There are a few wild cats around Raymond, but they no longer sleep in the old abandoned house that I caught them at last year:

Instead, the house is being renovated and cats were all driven off. I noticed a bee hive in the ground where cats used to hang out. I wonder if the cats were partly driven off by those bees too?


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