I drove over an hour west to escape the Pacific Northwest heat

97 degrees is too hot to deal with in Winlock. If it stayed in the 80s, maybe I could continue my northerly direction. But, when it gets dangerously hot like it has, I decided to head straight west. I know Raymond quite wellas I have been here before. It has been a year since I have been here last and it doesn’t look like anything has changed. Although, I have a slightly different perspective on the town.

My last weeks in the town last year, I had to starve myself because my food stamps ran out. But, I didn’t even know about the food bank. Now, that I know about the food bank, I can possibly prevent myself from starving here -which will be nice. But I don’t plan on staying nearly as long as i did last year.

I also am interested in Aberdeen which has more food banks, including the Salvation Army. I never realized how helpful the Salvation Army is until I got really desperate with my money. I’m just barely keeping my head above water financially, but it’s like I have a stone tied to my foot. So, the rotten and expired free food has been a big help in keeping my finances in better check.

There is a 10 degree difference between Winlock and Raymond and they are 1 hour and 19 minutes drive apart from each other. When Winlock is 97, Raymond is 86. Even 86 is still a little high for me, it is great relief from the 97 degrees. I don’t function very well in the shade even with that kind of heat.

Yesterday, I hung out in the shade after 5pm in Winlock when it was 93 degrees and I felt awful. To know that the temp was going to be higher over the next 2 days was very disheartening to learn. I’m like a frog being put in a boiling pot of water. Although, I can drive instead of have to leap out.


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