I keep re injuring my neck from sudden movements

im not able to fully look to my left without great pain and stiffness. It gets worse if I perform any sudden movements that may jar my neck. It’s sort of like reopening a scab, but the scab gets opened back up from too much movement. The stiffness can radiate down my upper back.

Looking down also hurts. Looking up also hurts. The only movement that doesn’t hurt is looking to my right. Even looking forward is a little bit of a chore. 

I sometimes have to assist my head movement with my own hand at times. The pain will catch me off guard when I’m not alert to it and I need to use my hand for assistance or just stop moving entirely. 

My left shoulder is also slightly affected as I’m unable to raise my left hand fully above my head without pain shooting into my neck.

I’m not sure what kind of stretches or exercises can bring relief, if any do exist.


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