5 Reasons Not all Drifter Bums are Created Equal. Some move fast, some move slow

You see regular bums who may hang around cities for years on end. While, there are other kinds of bums who may only spend a few days in a city before they are off to the next one. How do drifters decide how long to stick around? There are many factors that contribute to a drifters decision process and everyone has their own perspectives.

Many factors include:

1. how restless are the locals

Do the ordinances prevent you from sleeping in your car like Seaside, Oregon does?

2. What are the homeless shelters and food banks like?

Maybe the local churches offer a nice place to set up your tent. At 3 minutes in I capture the tents to the left:

I’m not sure if those tents still stand. The city council decided to start imposing $25 per day fines for the tents.

3. How is the weather? Can a homeless person even survive the outdoor conditions?

The scars on my face are from early frost bite:

4. How is the free food centers? Do they civilize the distribution of food to food banks and are people forced to dumpster dive?

5. What are the bathroom conditions like? Can people find a good place to relieve themselves?

Some homeless people love the sunshine and warm weather. But others can tolerate the cold a little more, especially if there are good clothing distribution centers. Some homeless people are a little more responsible than others in their health and well-being too. I think the healthier ones might be more likely to bounce around from city to city. The ones who suffer addiction problems may have a harder time travelling into unfamiliar territories.

Age is most likely a factor as well. The younger people seem to enjoy travelling longer distances in shorter time, while older people tend to travel shorter distances in greater time.

People who live in their cars are still homeless. They are at odds with police and how the police treat them determines whether they stay in the city long or not. Having a car still can give a person a sense of power with mobility.


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