Racism is Good for Society. Are all trees equal? I think not.

i just had the luxury have chewing on the inner bark of the buckthorn. This is a unique tree/bush apart from all the other trees. Should we consider this species/race to be equal because that is what our culture wants to imply for everything these days? Talk about ideas that will doom us all.

This buckthorn bark does something unique from the other barks that I tried, such as: maple, pine, cinnamon, willow, cherry, and such. The tree looks a little different, grows in different parts of the country, smells a little different, and acts a little different from other trees. It is clearly not the same kind of tree.

As I sit here, I feel my intestinal muscles contracting. The buckthorn bark caused this to occur. I’m a little scared as I don’t know how bad it can get because this is my first time trying. It’s a learning experience that I relish. Racism is a learning experience as well. If we are religiously taught that all races are the same, then our education stops there and we live in a cloud of lies. Not all human races are equal, it can be clearly seen, smelled, felt, heard and possibly tasted depending on your culture.

The other tree barks that I have eaten have all tasted and smelled different. For example, the maple bark is sweet to taste. You can make a sweet tea out of the bark. I’m not entirely sure of what effects that maple has on the body, but a sweet taste can generally settle the stomach for a bit.

Reading words on paper is not the only kind of reading available. We can read with our other senses as well. In fact it’s much healthier to read more than words on a paper. We learn a lot about 


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