Could Modern Man still mate with Prehistoric Man and have children?

I don’t exactly mean men having children together now. But you should get the idea. Could a male human find Lucy attractive enough to even have sex with? I don’t think that Lucy would have been attractive enough for me to have sex with.

Would Lucy have found me attractive? I would be the much more evolved human, right? Isn’t that how it works and that is how our brains changed over time? The more evolved people become more attracted to each other probably. If that was true then Lucy, most certainly, would have found me attractive to mate.

So assuming that If I was drunk enough and Lucy had an opportunity to procreate with me, could have successfully bore offspring? Imagine if I could go back in time and procreate successfully with prehistoric humans. Think of how much more advanced the humans of today would be.

There would have been a sudden spike in brain power with the first few generations of humans as they quickly figure out solutions to their problems and learn to work better together with each other. Perhaps an Age, such as the Stone Age, could have been skipped entirely. This would be like a child skipping a few grades in school and becoming a teenage lawyer.

I’m no scientist, so maybe I could be asking a question that already has a definite answer. I don’t know. 



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